One More Time, with Feeling

One More Time, with Feeling

                  As far as concerts go, I’m only enough of a critic to place artists into two categories: performers I’d want to see again & ones I’ll probably skip the next go ’round. I got to Manchester yesterday in the late afternoon, getting straight to work on … Continue reading

How soon can you be in Manchester, TN?

Well, it’s looking like I might get to go to Bonnaroo again this year, which means one thing in the immediate future: packing. I’ve gone the past two years with my internship, but goodness knows I wasn’t always very prepared. The first year I went, we packed up all five interns in my mom’s minivan (it … Continue reading


Kids like messes. Kids like dress up and painting and glitter. Kids like markers, because sometimes they aren’t allowed to use them and they have to resort to crayons. They like popsicles. Actually, they LOVE popsicles. They like sugar and playing sharks and minnows. They like winning and sometimes they like cheating. Bathroom humor is … Continue reading

On Airports, TMIs, and Tweed Caps

The past week, I spent a fair amount of time in airports. In fact, this past semester, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in airports. I’ve slept in them, eaten in them, drank in them, and certainly cried in them (I’m looking at you, Air France).  This weekend, I got to the Florence Airport … Continue reading

Firenze: Covering my Tracks

A large part of being a little overdramatic and a little self centered (sorry, I’m not sorry) is feeling like you are constantly starring in your own TV show, or if you’re really feeling interesting, your own indie film. Mine is usually some cross between 30 Rock (I’m constantly Lemoning), The Hills (I share LC’s … Continue reading