Traffic Jams for Sunny Adventures

I saw a lot today. I saw the local Manchester Wal-Mart go from People-of-Walmart to Vice DO’s & DON’Ts material in an alarmingly short amount of time. I rode on the back of  the golf-cart which would lead the first of miles of hippies outdoorsy music-lovers to their campsites. I had an already-somewhat-unshowered redhead ask if he could pee in front of the aforementioned masses. (Hey, it’s Bonnaroo. At least he asked?) I saw a lot of people who were stuck in traffic… bad traffic.

There are certain things I want to listen to when I’m driving fast, energetic, and ready to belt something out. It’s an entirely different playlist, though, when you’re stuck in a standstill, praying the temperatures drop to the low 90s.
My picks, all of whom will be playing on the farm this weekend:

“Sunny Adventure” Best Coast

In the movie of my life, this song is playing over a montage of me wearing wayfarers, learning to surf (okayyyy, that never happened) and taking polaroid pictures. Like every other Best Coast song, really.

“Bone Jam” Jeff the Brotherhood

Thanks to muffled lyrics like, “How much money can we spend?”  this song is probably what my father thought was playing in my head the entire time I was in Florence. That fact aside, it’s the perfect soundtrack to riding about 2 miles per hour in a tiny golf cart and laughing as thousands of cars trailed behind. Really, the perfect soundtrack for laughing in general.

“Hannah” Freelance Whales

Because, as a matter of fact, I’m kinda partial to the night sky. And I’m definitely vaguely attracted to rooftops.

“Cameras” Matt & Kim

Matt & Kim is pretty great for driving. Daylight is a classic, but Cameras is exactly what I wanna hear driving through downtown Atlanta on the late night. 

“Not an Animal” Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside

This song is begging for me to wear my glasses and pajamas, clutch a healthy glass of wine, and sit on a screened porch deep in conversation as it plays faintly in the background.

Click here to play all five songs on GrooveShark.


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