ABC’s: Alphabetical Bonnaroo Couplets

A is for Arcade Fire, from wake up ’til nap.
B is for Best Coast, though her lyrics are crap

C is for Cold War Kids, cause I missed their show near me.
D is for The Drums since they’re happy and cheery. 

E is for Every friend I run into by chance.
F is for Florence & the Machine, making babies dance

G is for GIVERSUp, Up, Up temperatures rise.
H is for HOT, which should come as no surprise.

I is for Ice Cream Man; he’s there every year.
J is for Justin Townes Earle, which I explain here.

K is for Keys, The Black Keys, I mean.
L is for
Lots of acts I’ve already seen.  

M is for My Morning Jacket, Matt & Kim, and More
N is for Niel Young, never too old to tour.

O is for Old Crow; I’d marry their front man.
P is for Please let me come home with a sun-tan.

Q is for Quiet; yeah, right, that won’t happen.
R is for Ratatat, raves, and rapping.

S is for the Strokes, who play on the Last Night.
T is for Terrified to miss an artist I might like.

U is for Using a ‘Roo artist from last summer,
V is for Vaguely crushing on a drummer.

W is for Wiz Khalifa, Wavves, & Weed grinder sales.
X is for Xylophones: A shout-out to Freelance Whales.

Y is for the Years this things been happening: Ten.
Z is for Zealously hoping to be back for e-lev-en.


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