Firenze: Covering my Tracks

A large part of being a little overdramatic and a little self centered (sorry, I’m not sorry) is feeling like you are constantly starring in your own TV show, or if you’re really feeling interesting, your own indie film. Mine is usually some cross between 30 Rock (I’m constantly Lemoning), The Hills (I share LC’s penchant for blowing #whitegirlproblems out of proportion) and maybe 500 Days of Summer (wishful thinking, though at times I probably rival JGL’s cluelessness).  We all know no indie film, or even MTV “reality” show, is complete without a soundtrack. A few tracks from mine this semester:

Club Can’t Handle Me David Guetta

Perhaps if someone would come out with a song entitled, “I Can’t Handle the Club,” it would be more fitting for me.  All you have to do is put this song on and it takes me back to swindling our way into VIP (at less-than-VIP establishments, thanks SPACE), bumping into countless Giuseppes and Marios and Leonardos in a sweaty dark loud atmosphere, and of course misguided attempts to whip out my limited Italian skills at a place where no one can hear each other speak in the first place. Goodbye to you, club scene of Firenze. May your hair stay gelled, your club promoters sleazy, and your red bull never without vodka.

Natural Woman Aretha Franklin

Nothing makes me feel like a natural woman more than some late-night Rex. I think I’ve more than overdone this explanation.

Will You Be There (Theme from Free Willy) Michael Jackson

Oh, MJ. RIP. You are missed, but you’re missed most at Via de Pepi cinquanta sei.  There is much debate over the origin of this as the undisputed theme song of the semester; was it our whale-like tendancy to flop down on the bed after a night out, or just the inspirational tone that made this song so appropriate? The world may never know.

Rolling in the Deep Adele

If you are in the mood to overanalyze a relationship, come to Florence, where there is a 10 to 1 girl to guy ratio and an overwhelming amount of girls with a boyfriend/exboyfriend/hookup/crush/douchebag/friend-they-wish-was-more back in the states. You can’t go to the coffee shop without hearing this song and seeing this music video 10 times, which doesn’t help since everything about this gorgeous city makes things romantically dramatic. Oh, waiter at Oibo, we could have had it all! Boy outside of Twice whose name I don’t recall? You had my heart inside your hands. And you played it to the beat.

Freebird Lynard Skynard

“That’s the song all you Americans always request, right?” Why, yes. Yes it is.


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