“Posso fare una foto da tu?”

As you might have figured out, I’m taking photojournalism class this semester, and I’ve been putting together my collection for my final project. It’s a shame (for you, not me) no one was around to point and laugh at me as I went about taking my “Portraits of Strangers.” In the States, asking random people if I could photograph them would be pretty awkward, so multiply that by about a thousand since 80% of the people I shot didn’t speak English. I’m not awesome at Italian (understatement of the year), but lemme tell you, if there’s one thing I know by now, it’s how to say, “Can I take your photo?”

My favorite park in Florence – sitting by the playground?

She’s eighty. Eighty freaking years old.

…yeah. Another vanity shot of the love of my life. (Call me!??)


I’d love any feedback – these are five of my favorites lately, but expect more coming soon.


3 thoughts on ““Posso fare una foto da tu?”

  1. i like all of them! who knew you could actually be good at photography? im just very perplexed as to why you are so obsessed with the man in the heinous suit….?

  2. DACEY! these are all great! the first four are stronger than the fifth, and i especially like the coloring in the third and fourth photos.

    have you tried taking vertical shots?

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