RECIPE #1: Brown Butter Tortellini

So, at long last, today I visited the main market in Florence. Holy crap – I loved it. I wish I’d taken more pictures, but embarrassingly enough my hands were laden down with all the fresh fruit, cheese, pasta and vegetables I could carry. I brought a list with the ingredients for the aforementioned Brown Butter Tortellini, Glazed Salmon, and Pasta Casserole, but I ended up coming home mainly with the right ingredients for the tortellini.

The recipe calls for ricotta limone tortellini, but the fresh kind I found at the market was prosciutto and mozzarella. (SIDENOTE: I think I need to find a truffle ravioli recipe, because I spotted some at the market today that looked amaaa-zing.)

I made this broccoli recipe as my side item – I’m pretty sure it’s some variation of one of my favorite recipes my mom makes. I used more garlic than required (no surprises there) and less olive oil, but i think it turned out better than the pasta did! Lots of lemon flavor. I forgot how much I looove broccoli.

I used 0.4-ish kilo tortellini and 125g butter for the pasta.  It turned out reeally well! For future reference, I think I could have actually used a little more butter, and maybe browned it more. A bigger pan could have helped with that, too. I also think I might sub the arugula with something more flavorful next time, and throw in some olive oil to change the consistency a little bit, but all in all the pasta was goood and and everyone seemed to like it. Overall, i guess I’m 2/2 if you count the marsala last weekend. I’ll take it!


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