Recipe Resolutions

Today, I read a feature in Elle (wish I could find the link!) on 6 cooking bloggers, and realized I really need to be taking advantage of these amazing open markets and fresh produce in Florence. I’m making a list of recipes I’m hoping to try out, scouring blogs on the internet for some meals I can test out here, where even the grocery shopping is unique and fun. I guess this post will end up mainly being a reference/to do list for myself! The whole idea started when I saw a reference to this Brown Butter Tortellini recipe in the Elle Magazine spread; seems to have tons of recipes for my diet preferences, since apparently i lean towards “part-time vegetarian.” (I’m telling you, veggie burgers are amazing whether you eat real burgers or not…) Not only that, but the blogger has spent some time in Rome, so she has a whole slew of recipes that are perfect for my little mid-semester cooking endeavor! Some other recipes I think I’ll have to test out are her Baked Pasta Casserole (if Italia has taught me anything, it’s that I’m helpless against anything with mozzarella or garlic), Firecracker Cornbread (you should see how fast red pepper flakes disappear in this apartment), and Mushroom Casserole Recipe (I. LOVE. MUSHROOMS).

Aside from my train-ride read, cooking bloggers seem to be popping up everywhere these days. After googling a girl at a company I’ve been loving lately (#sorryforstalking?), I stumbled upon Whisk Away, an Atlanta blog with not only an adorable layout/logo, but some deeee-licious-looking recipes. This Glazed Salmon is pretty high on my list right now – Balsamic?! Sugar!? POMEGRANATE!? CAYENNE PEPPER!!? Ohh maiii gaahd.
Reading Whisk Away mainly just makes me think I should probably be hanging out with the writers on a regular basis , & I can’t wait to try this Watermelon Gin Fizz out back at Rocky Top in August. Besides, anyone who describes a salad as “legit” AND references local ATL eateries needs to be in my friend-group. I think I also need to try these Chicken Meatballs (no surprises there, i obviously lean towards recipes that go with pasta), and maybe at home some of the salads or appetizers.

I guess, for right now, those will be on my list along with MAYBE this Mushroom Marsala Pasta to finish up some leftover ingredients from last weekend. As we all know, my cooking experience was limited to Lean Cuisine and grilled cheese up until Italy shook my world up with its lack of microwaves and scarcity of processed cheeses, so I’ll keep you posted as I try them out!


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